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MyStory is a Key Activity 3 (ICT) EU project which aims to work together with social partners including Schools and older people institutions to produce a repository of interesting stories as told by the older people. The MyStory project began in January 2011 and will run for three years. It is supported with 75% funding from the European Commission.

The primary purpose of MyStory is to persuade older people to recall interesting stories. These may or may not have a historical perspective e.g. WW2, or living under communism. Yr12 /13 students with good ICT skills will conduct and edit the interview into a package which will be uploaded onto a web portal. The students will also produce a short video biography stating why they have chosen to do the interview, and show the older person how to surf the internet and find their story.

There are many good benefits to telling a story, and eqaully as many benefits to listening....

  Sister Zela: The benefits of telling a story.
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